DELMÀS is the leading European welded steel tube manufacturer focused in the range of small diameters tubes.Delmás brothers established the company in 1956 as a small workshop in La Roca del Vallès, 25 Km north of Barcelona city. Today DELMAS has become a company with a clearly international scope. Supplying worldwide to the most demanding countries and customers. With the firm aim to become and adaptable, flexible and customer satisfaction oriented company. 

Our specialization enables us to meet each of our customer’s particular needs. DELMÀS offers high quality products on a wide range of different finish. Therefore we will be able to supply you with the tubes that will meet your specific requirements. 

We are committed to: Versatility, quality and competitiveness. DELMÀS is an ISO 9001 certified company. Our great spirit of overcoming always oriented to the continuous improve, provide all the best to the end user of our products. Our aim of innovation, our work on research and our  new developments provides us the most appropriate technology in order to produce high technical and competitive products to fit our tubes into our customer needs.



We develop our business taking care and improving the future of our world. So DELMAS has invested in its own renewable energies power supply plant and at the same time committees itself to minimize the environmental impact of their activity. Thus Delmas produces their tubes by only using 100% renewable energy sources. So that DELMAS tubes can guarantee that are 100% Eco friendly products.